1 Piece Of Magnetic Stove Thermometer, Fireplace Thermometer, Oven Thermometer, Oven Thermometer, Round Burner Thermometer, Suitable For Bbq, Roasting Fire, Heating Food.


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  • 🔥[Adjust the temperature in time] With this thermometer you can check the temperature of the furnace at any time and adjust it in time to avoid the temperature of the furnace from being too high or too low keep its temperature within the appropriate range and make full use of fuel so that you can better control temperature changes.
  • 🔥[Easy to use] Our thermometer is magnetic so you can adsorb it on iron items when it is not in use and the thermometer has a hook which can be hung up which is very convenient to use.
  • 🔥[Excellent quality] The thermometer uses a sensor made of metal a pointer made of brass and a metal hook which is high in hardness tough and durable and can be used for a long time.However please note that if the hook touches a hot surface do not touch the metal hook.
  • 🔥[Easy to read] The surface of the thermometer has 2 unit readings namely Celsius and Fahrenheit with a temperature range of 100 to 900℉ which provides you with accurate temperature measurement and clear printing for easy reading.
  • 🔥[Product content] You will receive 1 piece of magnetic thermometer with a diameter of 6cm.