2 Pack 90 Degree Stove Pipe 6cm Stainless Steel Flue Extension Elbow Chimney for Outdoor Wood Stove


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  • The stove pipe diameter is 2.36in/6cm.The thickness of the straight pipe is 0.5mm and the thickness of the elbow is 0.35mm. Stainless steel material can resist rusting very well.
  • The elbows and straight pipes are tightly connected and can be used together.It can be used outdoors for camping wood burning stove chimneys tents with stove holes.
  • It is suitable for use in harsh conditions it can also withstand high temperatures and acid and alkali corrosion stainless steel is very strong and does not rust easily.
  • 90 degree bends can be used where space is tight or where bending is required.Be careful not to deform the furnace tube due to compression.
  • The flexible combination of straight pipes and elbows allows the stove to be used in more places such as hot tents hammock tents and RVs.