2 x Premium Night Briquettes – 6-to 8 hours of long slow burn Perfect for Log Burners & Wood Stoves. Eco Friendly Made in Wales. (2 x 20KG Boxes)


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  • SLOW BURN TECHNOLOGY – Our Night Briquettes made from high-quality bark offer a long slow burn of up 6-8 hours. Now you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep and wake up to a warm room without the hassle of constantly refuelling the fire.
  • ENHANCED FIRE EXPERIENCE – With our Night Briquettes you can spend more time savouring the mesmerizing flames and less time tending to the fire. Sit back relax and let the soothing warmth fill your living space.
  • OPTIMAL MOISTUFRE CONTENT – Our briquettes boast an ideal 8% moisture content ensuring efficient combustion and consistent heat output. Experience reliable long-lasting warmth with every use.
  • MADE IN WALES – Many Briquettes are imported from eastern Europe. Ours are made in Wales. Our commitment to quality guarantees a superior NIGHT Briquette fire and experience and utmost satisfaction.
  • GENEROUS QUANTITY – Each 20KG box contains 20 Night Briquettes ensuring you have an ample supply to keep your home cosy and warm.