ADIUPUL Log Burner Fan,2023 New 8 Blades Stove Fan,Fire Fan Noise-Free,Built-in Temperature Gauge Heated Fan,Circulating Warm Air,Wood Burner Fans Eco Fan for Wood/Log Burner/Fireplace


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  • ☢【Pro 8 blades stove fan for powerful airflow1 equals 2 ordinary 4-blade stove fan】: Not only the airflowbut also the size is larger than the ordinary.The 8-blade design of the log burner fan provides larger air volume effectively pushing the air and generating greater airflow. This means that the log burner fan can quickly dissipate the hot air inside the wood burning stove and circulate the cold air indoors to the wood burning stove creating a good circulation of heated air.
  • ☢【Built-in temperature gauge】: A heat powered fan designed specifically for wood stoves wood burning stoves and wood burning fireplaces. The built-in temperature gauge of the wood burner fan or log burner fan is an intelligent feature that can automatically adjust the fan’s speed and airflow by sensing the temperature around the wood stove or log burner. This provides uniform and efficient heating. The temperature gauge not only helps save energy but also extends the lifespan of the fan.
  • ☢【Curved closed back and thickend bladesnoise-free operation 】: The back design was curved and closedcompared to the open sliced back which can better push air to front rather than the back of the fireplace.Thickend body and blades made this fireplace stove fan sturdy and quality.The operation sound of this wood burner fan is silent and does not produce noise interference. This is particularly important for users who require a quiet environment or are sensitive to noise.
  • ☢【Over heating protection and high stand foot】:Cooling fins have been added between the wiring to protect the wiring from high temperature accidents and lowering the melting point to provide longer using life than the old 4-6 blame wood burning fans.Bars on the top of the fan will turn red when the temperature gets too highit reminds you to let the fan cool down for a while.The thermal conductive bracket was higher than most of fire fanswhich can work more effectively and not blocking by the stove top
  • ☢【Energy-saving and Improved hot air circulation efficiency】: Using a wood burner fan can better utilize the heat energy inside the wood burning stove quickly dissipating hot air into the room reducing heat waste and fuel consumption. This is environmentally friendly and saves energy costs. By speeding up the dispersal of hot air the stove fan wood can reach the desired indoor temperature in a shorter time and can be quickly turned off after heating reducing heat waste.