AEX Strainer Skimmer Spoons, Spider Skimmer Ladle for Cooking and Frying, Utensils Pasta Strainer with Wooden Handle, Wire Slotted Spoon or Kitchen Pasta Spaghetti (6.3 inch)


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  • Stainless Steel Strainer: This Spider Strainer Skimmer is Made of Premium Metal Food-grade Stainless Steel Which is Heat-resistant and Sturdy Won’t Be Bent Even After Long-term Use.
  • Ergonomic Long Handle: The Unbendable Long handle won’t transfer heat to hands and shields you from oil splashing and burning when cooking at high temperatures. The hanging loop allows it to be hung for comfortable storage. A non-slip handle ensures a firm grip.
  • Wired Skimmers Spoon: The Spider web bowl helps you take food out of hot oil or water safely and catches food securely while releasing oil and other residue. Perfect for frying foods like potato chips chicken legs scoop-up noodles Spaetzle Pasta Spaghetti and more.
  • Use With Ease: the AEX Special Design Sweetens the Bearing Ability of the Strainer. It is Speedier Than a Fine Mesh Strainer Retains the Temperature but Leaving Little Oil or Water is No More Require to Endure High Temperatures and Improving Efficiency through Quick and Massive Drying and Cooking.
  • Measurements: the Diameter of the Bowl & Length are described in the image the Proportioned Slots You Can Quickly Scoop Out a Large Amount of Food Within a Short Time Which is Perfect for French Fries Doughnuts Boiled Eggs Hotpot Seafood Chicken Soup or Wash Fruits.