AH Briquette Maker,Black Iron DIY Recycle Newspaper Eco-Friendly Paper Log Brick Home Heating Fire Stove Environmentally Friendly Useful Shredded Paper Log Brick Maker Fireplace Recycle Log Maker


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  • GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment: The increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has become more worrying year by year. Starting from your home replace traditional fuels with environmentally friendly recyclable free fuels! Dispose of all your old newspapers magazines test papers cardboard boxes and turn them into useful fuel in your home. Very suitable for your fireplace outdoor fire pit wood burning stove etc.
  • TURN WASTE INTO FUEL: Environmentally Friendly and Healthy:Provide you with completely safe and non-toxic fuel alternatives which you can use in fireplaces wood stoves or patio fire pits to make your life healthierHOW TO USE: You can tear waste paper into pieces like old newspapers and magazines and soak it in water overnight. Then put the soaked paper into the basket of the ball press to squeeze out the excess water. After turning into dry paper bricks they can be used as fuel for stoves.
  • SAVES COST ON FUEL: Save money by making your own logs for free fuel An effective environmentally friendly alternative solution to burning logs and coal. By Recycling your free newspapers and waste paper you can have free fuel. Paper bricks can burn for as long as logs saving you money
  • EASY TO USE: simply soak waste paper in water fill the log maker as per the instructions and press down on the handle to remove the water. Leave to dry. You then have lightweight paper bricks that burn slowly and can last up to 2 hours with minimum ash
  • ECO: Environmentally Friendly Fuel Alternatives:The global climate is constantly warming let us do our part to protect the environment and use environmentally friendly alternatives
  • HELP YOU TO RECYCLE: No longer waste paper which will help reduce the cost of firewood you can use this equipment to allow you to recycle old newspapers and magazines into bricks and use them as stove fuel you will save the cost of using firewood
  • BURN TIME: Each briquette burns steadily for upto 2 hours with minimum ash Ideal for fireplace stoves BBQ’s or camping Easy & fun to use EASY BURN: The paper briquettes burn easily eliminating the need for fire lighters or BBQ fuel
  • GOOD MATERIAL: Manufactured from heavy duty steel to withstand the pressure of compressing the wet paper. Made of strong metal and with a carrying handle this briquette holder keeps your briquettes neat and tidy and ready for use. Made of iron materialstrong structureblack coating rusty heavy-duty briquettes very durable good workmanship long service life