AMOS 16 x Coffee Logs + 12 x High Energy Ultra Dry Heat Logs Extra Hot Fire Recycled Eco-Friendly Solid Fuel Heat Logs for Wood Burners and Stoves (16 Coffee Logs + 12 Ultra Dry Logs)


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  • 12 x High-energy ultra-dry heat logs; Convenient to use and easy to light Environmentally friendly; Made from 100% recycled wood
  • 16 x Logs sustainably made from recycled coffee grounds; Grounds from 25 coffees in each log; Burns 20% hotter and longer than dry wood;
  • 80% savings on greenhouse gas emissions; Reduces waste sent to landfill; A sustainable alternative to coal briquettes and imported wood logs
  • Suitable for open fires wood burners multi-fuel stoves closed appliances chimeneas Retain their shape during burning and do not expand reducing sparking and spitting
  • Provide a high steady heat output with low smoke and ash; Minimal flue gas to protect your chimney