AVEAX Long Burner Fan Small Wood Burning Stove Fan Heat Powered Fireplace Fan Silent Operation Eco Friendly Economical Efficient Stove Accessories, 5 Blades


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  • HEAT POWERED: The stove fan does not require a battery or a power supply which using the heat generated by the stove to operation environmental protection and energy saving. Made of aluminum alloy rust-proof durable with good thermal conductivity.
  • Run Temperature: Once the temperature reaches 50℃ the fan blades will start to rotate distributing the heat evenly around the room. The best operating temperature is 80-250°C the hotter the stove the faster it spins. When the stove cools the blades will stop.
  • Overheating Protection: The fan can withstand the maximum temperature is 350°C but when it over 250°C the safety device at the bottom of the log burner fan will activate to protect the motor from overheating. PS: when in use the base is hot DO NOT TOUCH!!!
  • Quiet Operation & Easy to Use: Little noise the noise level of the fan is <25 db. The fan rotates at a high speed but you can't feel any sound. No installation required for use just place the fan on a flat surface on top of the stove.
  • Tips: This fireplace fan is the best winter gift for parents and friends. Carefully packaged in a box ensure arrives safely! Wipe the fan regularly or packaging it when not inuse. Any questions please feel free to contact us.