BEAUTIFABLE Stove Pipe Reducer Stainless Steel Flue Joints Flue Liner Reducer Connector Tubing Connector Chimney Adaptor Stove Pipe For Connecting Conversion Flue Pipe Fireplace Flue Pipe Adapter


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  • Package content: 1 * Edelstahl-Rauchrohr-Reduzierstück(Size:Ø60mm/Ø50mm,Ø70mm/Ø50mm,Ø110mm/Ø50mm,Ø70mm/Ø60mm,Ø80mm/Ø60mm,Ø90mm/Ø60mm,Ø100mm/Ø60mm,Ø110mm/Ø60mm,Ø120mm/Ø60mm,Ø80mm/Ø70mm,Ø90mm/Ø70mm,Ø100mm/Ø70mm, Ø90 mm/Ø80 mm Ø100 mm/Ø80 mm Ø100 mm/Ø90 mm Ø110 mm/Ø90 mm Ø110 mm/Ø100 mm Ø120 mm/Ø100 mm for select).
  • Stainless steel raising/reducing piece for chimney liner connections.
  • The stainless steel stove pipe reducer is used to connect an appliance to either a chimney liner flue or double wall flue system. It can also be used to reline existing brick chimneys.
  • Used to reduce the diameter of galvanised round perimeter pipes. For all heating air conditioning and ventilation systems where rigid pipes are required.
  • Use stovepipe cement or sealing material suitable for use with a wood stove. The cement must be able to withstand high temperatures. Clean the area with a wire brush to remove rust or dirt before sealing.