BestYiJo Wood Stove Fan Log Burner Fan for Wood burner Stove Top, 12 Blades Heat Powered Fireplace Fans with Heat Circulation for Home Wood Burning/Log Burner/Fireplaces


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  • Upgraded Fireplace Fan: The 12-blade wood burning fan can generate more warm air and increase productivity. Widely used in wood stoves gas stoves wood stoves fireplaces etc.
  • Energy efficient: The log burner fan is powered by the heat generated by the fireplace or fireplace and directed to the fan base to drive the blades without batteries or electricity. The hotter the furnace the faster the fan blades spin.
  • Overheating protection: The bottom of stove fan is installed with bimetal strips. When the maximum operating temperature is reached the bimetallic strip under the base automatically flexes to raise the fan base and reduce the thermal contact surface to protect the motor and thermoelectric modules.
  • Quiet operation: The silent heat powered stove fan operates at less than 25 decibels and is very quiet. You can hardly hear the sound. It improves the circulation of warm air in the room for greater comfort.
  • Easy to Use: This heat powered stove fan with stove thermometer sits on top of any stove or wood / coal or pellet burning. Operating temperature is approx. 50°C to 350°C (122°F to 662°F) fan speed automatically adjusts to oven temperature. Conversion is highest when the temperature reaches about 250-300°C.