Black Fire Cement 1250 C – 310ml for Fireplace, Stove, Boilers etc


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  • EXCELLENT ADHESION: The black fire cement will provide excellent adhesion it is ideal to use for firebricks blockworks stone clayware and to almost all types of metals.
  • CONVERTS TO ROCK: The black fire cement will convert itself to rock like hardness when it is exposed to air. The composition is made in a way that it hardens up when exposed to open air.
  • FOR PATCHING AND REPAIRING: Vitcas black fire cement is best option for repairing the surface or for patching the broken surface. You can easily repair or patch up your broken boilers fireplace oven and much more.
  • EASY TO USE: Apply using a cartridge gun fire cement comes in a smooth paste you can directly apply it to the broken area and it will harden up once it comes in contact with open air.
  • APPLICATION METHOD: Before applying the fire cement make sure to clean all the dirt and dust then dampen the area of application and then apply using a cartridge gun.