BotaBay Outdoor Tent Camping Stove 11.7kg Chimney Pipe Tent Stove Heating Burner Stove Portable Wood Burning Stove for Camping




  • 【Portable Tent Stove】Weight 11.7kg. The folding racks on both sides increase the functionality of easy portability. The side frame can be used as a portable. The foldable legs can be folded flat under the stove. The chimney tube can be easily stored in the furnace for easy transportation and storage. The hook that comes with the wood stove makes it easy to clean the ashes at the bottom. Provide more convenience for your camping/hunting trip.
  • 【High-quality structure】The use of high-quality iron high-temperature plastic spraying materials is helpful for long-term use and provides warmth and heat for outdoor camping and travel spaces. The top of the stove can be disassembled with a gutter. The camping stove holes can provide enough heat. You can boil some water or even coffee cook in a pan or enjoy a barbecue. It is very suitable for camping backpacking ice fishing and hunting trips.
  • 【Heat output regulator】One of the chimney pipes is equipped with a damping tool to manage the flame and burning rate. The heat-resistant glass allows you to see flames and wood anytime and anywhere and a small fan under the glass rotates to help regulate the heat output. Highly flame-retardant silicone fiberglass material. Please note: Do not overtighten the screws on the door glass.
  • 【Highly flame retardant upgrade】Camping wood stove including 5 chimney pipes with a diameter of 2.36 inches/6 cm. Help you adjust the height to suit various places. It can be used in bell-shaped tents with furnace pipe vents. Highly flame-retardant organic materials can effectively prevent outdoor fire hazards and can discharge smoke out of the tent. It is suitable for heating and cooking with friends and family in winter.
  • 【Wide uses】Suggestion: Please read the installation instructions it is best to burn once before using a wood stove. During winter camping backpacking ice fishing and hunting trips you no longer need to endure the cold nights in the tent. Meet the needs of avid outdoor enthusiasts for adventure car travel and shelters.