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  • ⇧【Difficult To Distort】 Strong hardness wear resistance and high-temperature resistance is all present. Wood Stove Pipe may be utilized for a longer period of time because it is strong and difficult to distort.
  • ⇧【Tight Connection Joints】 Take care to prevent compression from warping the stove pipe. Flexible Stove Pipe connection joints are secure and airtight when joining with pipes of the same diameter.
  • ⇧【Simple Installation】Pellet Stove Pipe is simple to install and only needs a few simple steps; however before making a purchase make sure the product’s diameter is measured.
  • ⇧【Bent Into a C Shape】Chimney Pipe cannot be stretched but can be bent into a C shape. For usage in places where there is limited space or bending is necessary it can be bent 90 degrees.
  • ⇧【Wide Range Of Application】Stove Chimney Pipe is suitable for outdoor camping wood stove chimneys insulated tents with stove jacks or indoor water heater pipes. It is very versatile.