Camping Stove Rocket Stove Portable Charcoal Wood Burning Stove BBQ Oven Grill Two Doors Barrel Stove for Backpacking, Picnic, Hunting, Fishing, RV, Survival, Traveling, Outdoor Cooking Cooker


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  • Wide range of applications: this rocket oven is perfect for outdoor yard garden patio or camping and allows you to enjoy traditional cooking with e.g. Dutch oven cast iron pan and cast pot. Also ideal for blackout as an emergency equipment Wood oven cooking and grilling without electricity or gas
  • High quality: the wood burning of the rocket stove is made of cold-rolled sheet metal which is more durable and rust-proof for long-term use. The insulation of the combustion chamber is lined with melting metal to ensure ultimate durability.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable: the cleanest and most energy-efficient oven is the rocket oven. Almost anything you can burn. Wood charcoal branches tree cuts pine cones and pellets – making the outdoor kitchen fun.
  • Efficient combustion. The tubular construction ensures a fi effect. Thanks to the constant air suction they burn effectively and without much smoke development. The rocket stove offers concentrated heat recovery and distribution of heat and can also be used in windy weather. Unlike open fire when grilling no heat is lost and you can thus minimise cooking time.
  • Portable and comfortable: The rocket oven grill for camping is equipped with stainless steel handles with silicone handles that help you move the oven. Also equipped with a durable Oxford storage bag that allows you to take the oven anywhere conveniently.