DBTTA Heat&Fire&Hot&Flame- Resistant Leather Kevlar Arc Welding Gloves, For Heavy-duty&Welder&BQQ&Oven&Stove&Grill&Mig&TIG Gardening&Animal handling&Pot Holder,Fireplace,Woodburner Gauntlets(Yellow)


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  • Crafted from 100% Cow Split Leather with Kevlar Stitching these Rigger Gloves are the epitome of quality and durability. Our gloves are expertly constructed from top-grade cow leather ensuring not only comfort but also exceptional longevity. With their durable and wear-resistant design you can trust them to provide consistent hand protection in all your tasks.
  • Incorporating a reinforced palm and finger joint design these gloves are engineered to deliver robust hand protection. Their Long Arm Design extends coverage to ensure comprehensive safeguarding in various tasks making them your reliable choice for complete hand safety.
  • Their fireproof and heat-insulating properties are achieved through precise craftsmanship including fireproof stitching that ensures temperature resistance and exceptional strength. These gloves are versatile ideal for a wide range of applications including welding hand tools power tools handyman work DIY projects driving tradesmanship building and construction tasks metalwork animal handling´╝îpot holderfireplace and automotive jobs. Please take note of their multi-functional utility.
  • Gloves Size:14 Inc/35CM Color:YELLOW Package Included : 1 Pair x Gloves