DIY Doctor – 1x Pair Unisex Leather Heavy Duty Gardening Gloves for Men and Women – Leather Work Gloves – Large Warm Thorn Proof Garden Gloves for Men and Ladies – One Size Fits All


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  • WHY LEATHER? Our premium stylish cowhide gardening gloves are rugged enough to be thorn proof for all types of gardening and weeding but soft enough to ensure comfort during those long summer’s days outside. Leather also allows for breathability
  • UNISEX – The soft malleable leather ensures a snug fit for both mens and womens hands. The best gardeners require full control and dexterity. Perfect leather gardening gloves for men and women
  • EASY TO WASH – Because our materials are all natural they are so simple to clean. Just warm soapy water and a wipe will usually clean even the muddiest of garden gloves both inside and out!
  • WRIST PROTECTION – There is nothing worse than a stinging nettle to the arm when weeding is there? Our gauntlets have an elongated wrist that will protect from the majority of stingers scrapes and dirt. Full and proper protection
  • VERSATILE – suitable for any occasion when manual labour is involved – gardening carpentry sanitation construction landscaping etc. Ticks all the boxes for work gloves men and women can use.