Eco Barn Briquettes –12KG – Wood Burning Stove & Pizza Oven Firewood, Burns for up to 12 Hours


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  • ✅ For use in Log Burners Pizza Ovens & Open Fires: 8 x 25cm logs per box = 12kg Briquettes. Burns for up to 1.5 hours each log 12 hours total. Each briquette can also be easily broken in half for anyone who has a small size wood burner stove.
  • ✅ Better Value Than Kiln Dried hardwood Logs: Each Briquette is Equivalent to 3 Kiln Dried Logs of its own size (better value than wood logs) Can be used alone or in conjunction to kiln dried or seasoned firewood. Good when used as night briquettes. Our Heat Logs are perfect for wood burning stoves and log burners. For best results light with kiln dried kindling and fire lighters.
  • ✅ 8% Moisture Content:100% Beech Maximum 8% Moisture Content and very dry Made from recycled wood flour saving landfill waste Eco Friendly and efficient. Great alternative to peat briquettes.
  • ✅ High output: Suitable for commercial kitchens and pizza trucks. Designed to heat pizza fornos fast and efficiently. Great for garden pizza ovens at home.
  • ✅ Perfect for: Out Door and Indoor Pizza Ovens & Wood Burner Stoves Log Burners Multi fuel stoves Open Fires not for use on Fire pits as they are very compressed. Always light with 10 pieces of kindling and 4 natural firelighters made from wood shavings and wax. Break up the briquettes into 2-3 pieces when first lighting for best results. Thereafter you can put in half or whole briquettes. Remember these will expand slightly.