Eco Wood Fire Heat Logs – Pack of 24 Compressed Saw Dust Wood Fuel Logs with Topline Card. Perfect for Wood Burners, Open Fires, Chimeneas and Multi-Fuel Stoves.


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  • Heat logs are a clean alternative to seasoned firewood for heating your home that don’t spit or create sparks. Firewood are made from 100% recycled waste material and are long lasting making them an environmentally friendly choice.
  • They provide a very high heat output with little smoke or ash. Thanks to a moisture level of under 8% these eco logs won’t spark or spit making them the ideal choice for home heating.
  • Quick to light and easy to use heat logs are ideal for creating a warm fire on a cold night. They provide more than double the output of heat to normal firewood logs and burn longer making them a cost effective efficient choice for heating the home.
  • They are ideal for burning on wood fuel stoves wood burners open fires pizza ovens and even outside in chimneas.