Eco Blaze Natural Firelighters ​​- Fire Lighters for Wood & Log Burners – Wood Wool Fire starters for BBQ & Pizza Oven Firestarters – Safe, Clean & Odourless Wax Coated Instant Firestarters – 200 Box


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  • EASY AND INSTANT: Start the perfect fire quickly and easily every time with natural firelighters for BBQ’s wood burners stoves campfires pizza ovens & more. The fire lighters ignite instantly and burn for up to 8 minutes so you can build an easy fire without any complicated technique.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from sustainable spruce strips these BBQ Fire Starters are dipped in wax to create a more efficient burn. Made in the UK they are much more environmentally friendly than traditional firelighters.
  • NATURAL CLEAN and ODOURLESS: Unlike traditional firelighters these eco firelighters don’t give off nasty odours. Specially formulated for a clean burn these natural firelighters are perfect when cooking food and barbequing.
  • VARIETY OF USES: Conjure up a storm at the BBQ or wood-fired pizza oven tell stories over a campfire or fire pit entertain outdoors beside your chiminea or fire up your pizza oven on a summer night with Eco Blaze eco-friendly firelighters.
  • 200 PER PACK: Available in a cost-saving multipack of 200 handmade firelighters you won’t run out anytime soon. Pack a box for your camping trip or enjoy at home to easily create and maintain the perfect eco-friendly fire every time.