Fan for Wood Burning Stove, 12 Blade Log Burner Fan with Stove Thermometer, Heat Powered, Silent Operation, Fan Heat Powered, Stove Fan for Fireplace Efficient Heat Distribution


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  • Thermodynamic Fireplace Fan: The fan has a built-in thermoelectric module which relies on heat generation to drive the motor to drive the fan to rotate. The rotation speed of the fan depends on the temperature of the furnace. The higher the temperature the faster the speed. The optimal temperature is 80℃-250℃. If it is higher than 350℃ it will damage the airframe.
  • Efficient Heat Distribution: Usually when we turn on the indoor fireplace the room does not get warm immediately because the hot air is not circulating our fireplace fan can circulate the hot air to a farther place making the room warm up quickly Improve efficiency.
  • 12 Blade Log Burner Fan: The 12 Blade Log Burner Fan is able to provide more air volume circulate warm air more efficiently and warm the room faster.
  • With Stove Thermometer: A thermometer that sticks to your stove or flue for the most accurate readings getting the fuel to burn at the optimum temperature and preventing losses from overheating.
  • Easy to Use: This thermal powered fan just needs to put it on the stove to run suitable for wood burner log burner Fireplace.