gohantee 5 Blades Log Burner Fan Stove Fan, Wood Burner Fans Hanging on Chimney Pipe, Multifuel Stove Fan Silent Operation for Wood Burning Stove, Fan for Stove with Thermometer


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  • [WORKING PRINCIPLE] 5 Blades Heat Powered Stove Fan drives the motor by converting the heat energy of the stove into kinetic energy and then the blades rotate. The fireplace fan works automatically controlled by the temperature of the stove top. When the temperature is above 50 ℃ the fan starts to rotate and when the temperature is below 50 ℃ the fan slowly stops rotating.
  • [ENERGY SAVING] The stove fan does not need batteries and electricity makes full use of the heat from the furnace burns less fuel environmentally friendly. More efficiently and quickly disperse heat throughout your room allowing hot air to circulate better throughout the room.
  • [SPACE SAVING] The pellet stove pipe fan heat powered easy to install different from regular stove fan the 5-blade stove fan can be attached directly to the chimney pipe of the wood stove log burner or fireplace very stable and save more space. Whether it is wood burning stove log burner or fireplace the stove fan is very useful.
  • [SILENT OPERATION] Whisper work low noise. Wood burning stove fan normal working noise below 25db. You can enjoy the warm air in a quiet and comfortable environment.
  • [PREMIUM QUALITY] The pipe mounted wood stove fan made of anodized aluminum wear-resistant and anti-rust. Overheating protection the built-in bimetallic belt at the bottom of the stove fan is designed to slightly raise the edge of the fan when it is close to the maximum operating temperature to protect the fireplace fan. A thermometer is included to measure the temperature of the furnace and ensure the safety of the 5 blades stove fan.