Hanaoyo Stove Fan, 6 Blades Log Burner Fan Heat Powered Fireplace Fan, Wood Burning Stove Fan Silent Operation, Stove Top Fan for Log Burner/Wood/Fireplace


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  • 【Newly Designed 6-Blade Stove Fan】- The upgraded log burner fan is equipped with 6 blades providing a stronger airflow which improves more than 55% efficiency of air circulation throughout the room.
  • 【Premium Quality】- The stove fan is made of high-quality anodized aluminum which is rust-proof and has good thermal conductivity. It requires no electricity and is easy to use widely used in wood burning stoves/Log Burner/Wood/Fireplace.
  • 【Eco Friendly & Economical】- No batteries or electricity needed this Wood Stove Fan is powered by heat generated from the stove. When the stove temperature reaches a certain range the fan will start rotating automatically. The higher the stove temperature the faster the fan will rotate.
  • 【Overheat Protection】- The bottom of the stove fan is equipped with a dual-metal safety device which slightly lifts the edge of the fan when approaching the highest operating temperature to protect the center module and motor. When the temperature decreases the fan will automatically return to normal. This will extend the service life of the motor.
  • 【Ultra-Quiet Motor Operating】- As the blades are the only moving components even at the highest speed the operational noise of the log burner fan is lower than 25db. You may not even feel the presence of the furnace fan but you will still sense a gentle breeze. The rotation of the fan facilitates air circulation circulating heat to all around and making you feel warmer.