HAWCAFU Wood Stove Fan Log Burner Fan Woodburner Fireplace Fan Fire Fan for Wood Burning Stove Top Heat Powered


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  • 🔥【Save Your Bill More Efficiency】 FULLY utilize the heat from your wood stove and disperse it to your room. The fan uses 28% less wood. It’s a wonderful natural circulation element. You can enjoy warmth in your room increasing your comfort.
  • 🔥【No Electricity or Battery Powered by Heat. Healthy and Economical】 Wood Stove Fan for Log Burning Fireplaces gets power from the HEAT produced by your fireplace wood burning stove or pellet stove. Effectively dispersing warm air around your room.
  • 🔥【Overheating Protection】 The stove fan comes with a bi-metallic safety device at the base. When the surface temperature rises above around 345 ℃ it will gently lift the front of the fan to protect the TEG and starter. The fan will automatically recover normally as the surface temperature decreases.
  • 🔥【Silent Operation】Really impressed our fan is virtually silent despite going round at an impressive speed of knots and really does blow the warm air onto the room. Results in greater comfort and reduce wood consumption from your stove. You didn’t even know the fan was there but you felt the warmth! More stable and environmental protection.
  • 【SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】 This heat powered stove fan comes with our usual strong warranty and friendly 24/7 customer service so that you can order assured it will serve you well for years to come!